DIY Debt Management Plan (DMP)

DMP Flow ChartThe do it yourself debt management plan is not exactly a debt solution, but it certainly is a great way of getting the creditors off your back and giving you a chance to think what your next step should be.

In this pack you will be given a step by step set of instructions on how to set yourself up in a debt management plan.

You will also have access to email support should you need it. You can submit your Income & Expenditure for review before sending to the creditors. Your Income and Expenditure will be reviewed from a creditors point of view.

The pack includes:

  • DMP easy to follow flow chart
  • Initial letter of contact to the creditors
  • Letter of Authorisation (to be used if you are assisting a partner or friend)
  • Offer of payment letter
  • Full Financial Fact Find – Spreadsheet calculates the amount of disposable income available for creditors on a pro-rata split
  • Expenditure Trigger Figures – What is reasonable expenditure.
  • Freeze Interest Letter
  • List of Creditors and Account Numbers – Useful if setting up Standing Orders to Creditors (keeping you in control of your finances!)
  • Harassment Letter – to be used only if you feel that the creditors phone calls are excessive.
Also as part of the service we will check your income and expenditure from a creditors point of view before you send it off!

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